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East Gwent AFL Juniors
East Gwent Junior Youth Association Football League
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Club Notices

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All aflliated clubs must meet FAW accreditation standards. Click here for more information

Player registration

All players need to be licensed and registered by member clubs before they can play organised football. To register players please visit the information section of our website.

Junior and Youth Football in Monmouthshire

Welcome to the East Gwent Junior Youth Association Football League. We're delighted that you've found us! Use this site to discover more about our association and member clubs.



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The League operates in the area of the current Monmouthshire County Council, South East Wales, and is affiliated to the Gwent County Football Association.  Subject to demand, the League provides Competitive Football at Under 12, Under 13, Under 14, Under 15 and Under 16 age groups and Non-Competitive Mini-Football up to Under 11.


Nearly 100 teams and 1500 players enjoy organised football with the East Gwent Junior Youth League.  


CUP Competitions


Undy U16s - Colborne Cup Winners


Caldicot Town U13s - Mark Watkins Cup Winners


Undy U12s - Royal Powell Cup Winners


LEAGUE Competitions


Garden City Greens - U16s League Winners


Caldicot Town - U13s League Winners 


Monmouth Town  - U12s League Winners


Club Notices

USK Juniors


Usk are looking for U12 players for the 2017-18 season.
Interested parties can contact me at this email address (mail.stuart@yahoo.co.uk), or on 07968 116953.


Posted 17 May 2017

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Latest News

Manadatory League Meeting: Monday 22 May 2017, 7:15pm at MonmouthTown FC clubhouse.

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Important information 

FAW Club AccrediTation Programme for Season 2016-17

September 8,  2016 - Accreditation update 

Thank you to all East Gwent clubs for all the efforts completing and submitting your club accreditation documents by the FAW deadline .


Regulations affecting players at Academies

Please be advised of the following regulations that can impact clubs in our league as we border counties in England and there are clubs within 50 km who play in the English Pyramid System.  Under FIFA Regulations a player 10 years of age or older cannot play for two different clubs in two different countries (e.g. England and Wales) at the same time.  This has changed as it used to be 12 years of age or older.  What this means is "No competitive player in age group U12s - U16s players and no mini-football player aged 10 or older in the U10 or U11 age group can register with a club academy in England and register/play for a club in Wales.


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FAW Welfare Policy

Please note section 6.1 page 33 provides guidelines on taking photographs and filming at football games, training and events. The FAW strongly recommends that these guidelines be adhered to.
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League Centenary - 1913 to 2013



The league celebrated its centenary year in 2013:


One hundred years ago the league first reached out to teams to play organised football. Today there are nearly 20 senior and 100 Junior teams playing organised football.


Officials from all senior and junior clubs, plus special guests were invited to the league's Centenary Dinner in October 2013.


The Centenary Cup was created in the senior league

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